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I'm a 24yo originally from California, I currently live in North Carolina. I have been living here for a little over 2 yrs now. It's not so bad "I wreck'n" hehe. There is one thing I can say about it, it's definitly not California. I live with my fiance Scott, were in love. He's the reason i'm in North Carolina. I miss home alot but i'm not willing to give up on us. Anyways check out my story on front page it will tell u all about how we met. Very interesting!!



I am very close to my family, not by location of course. I am the youngest of four. I live the further away then my other siblings, the rest of my family live within a 50 to 100 mi radius. I live 2500mi away. My sister Yvonne is the oldest she is about to turn 33yo and she still looks great, she is married and has my 2 beautiful nieces, Jamie is 30yo he lives in Hollywood and is like a best friend to me. Joey is 27yo and has been married for a little over 2 yrs I believe and they have my beautiful nephew Baby Ryan, he is about to turn 2yo. My Mom and Dad are divoriced and have been for over a decade but they live probobly 1 to 2 mi away from eachother. Wierd, huh? That's about it for family but I have to say even though I am all the way across the country I still feel very close to all of them.

My Cousin Albert has this nice family tree of us online, check it out!!


I have friends just not web creative ones hehe.


I enjoy camping, photography, and the movies. I love to play pool and do crafty like stuff. I also like to decorate I am constantly sketching how I would like to redo my house or someone elses. My favorite book is "Sheila Levine is dead and living in New York", my favorite movies are, Goonies, Joe Dirt, Dancer Texas pop 81, and of course Pulp Fiction.